Crossplatform Cyrillic-Latin (cyr2lat) Filename Converter

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Crossplatform Cyrillic-Latin (cyr2lat) Filename Converter

Do you have files that contain cyrilic characters ?

Update: 2010-05-20: fixed the broken download link
Update: 2010-05-21: virus reports
An anonymous user has reported that the compiled binaries contained viruses. I wasn't aware of that.
It could have been a false alarm but I didn't want to take any risks so binary files are no longer part of this ZIP file just in case.
In order to run the script you'll need to download the perl interpreter from now on.

I found an old script of mine (from 2004) that I decided to share it with you.

For Windows users I've created a GUI (Graphic User Interface) so it will be very easy for you.

If you find any bugs or would like to suggest some improvements feel free to contact me.
(contact info can be found in the ZIP file)


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Anonymous said...

I'v got a "002 R%ADR%BBS%84R%B8S%8F R%90R%B2R%B7R%B0R%BBR%BER%B2R%B0_R%9AR%B8R%B5R%BA R%BAR%B0R%B7R%BBR%B0S%80" names... It's not working! :(

Svetoslav Marinov said...

Really ?
Please write steps you've followed.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my F-Secure detected a virus in the file while I was trying to download it. After disabling real-time scanning in F-Secure and then submitting the file in Virus Total, 26 out of 40 anti-virus programs detected different viruses inside the ZIP. Since you've given out your name and other personal information on yourself here, it'd be quite weird to try to spread viruses..?!

Here are some screenshots of what was found in the file:

Svetoslav Marinov said...

Thank you Anonymous for reporting your scan reports.

I wasn't aware that the ZIP file contained viruses. As I said in the article it was back in 2008.
I guess nobody is 100% protected.

FYI: I deleted the binaries and there is just the perl script left.

Anonymous said...

hello, could you please reupload a compilate exe version for windows (without virus) TY

Svetoslav Marinov said...

Hi Anonymous,

I don't have the compiler now.

Why don't you try to install the ActiveState perl and try again ?